Prow Plaza

401 16th Avenue NW

Prow Plaza Map

This building is all on the ground floor and has a fire system installed. The entire building can be rented out and total’s 10,178 square feet. All spaces can be remodeled with a 3 to 5 year lease. If you are looking for a space with bigger square footage than one space has, we can combine spaces.

Prow Plaza Street View Prow Plaza Street View


This space is 5,670 square feet. The uniqueness of this space is that the entry way has a security window installed so that you can buzz people in and it also has an Intrusion Detection System ready to go. This space has two offices, one large conference room, a back storage area, a computer room with its own air conditioner, a break room, two sets of bathrooms and the rest is a large open area.

Prow Plaza #103 Prow Plaza #103 Prow Plaza #103


This space is 1,714 square feet. This space has a large reception area, conference room three offices, copy room and two bathrooms.

Prow Plaza #107 Prow Plaza #107 Prow Plaza #107